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Monday, 22/Apr/2019, 10:34 PM

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Group: T.C|Level: Leaders|Rank:|L|CL|

Level: Managing Traning Camp Rules and Policies 
Mastermind's and Clan Strategist's 
Managing Traning Camp Rules and Policies , Recruiting Members and Assigning Ranks 
Master Skilled Strategist's - Expert in Hexa Strategies

Group: T.C|Level: Trainee|Rank:|L4|

Level: Good With Swords,Cavs,Knights/Persian And Xbows

Group: T.C|Level: Trainee|Rank:|L3|

Level: Good With Swords,Cavs,Knights/Persian

Group: T.C|Level: Trainee|Rank:|L2|

Level: Good With Swords,Cavs

Group: T.C|Level: Trainee|Rank:|L1|

Level: Good With Swords

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