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Monday, 22/Apr/2019, 11:36 PM

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 «~•Rules And Regulations•~»
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«~•Clan Rules and Policies•~»

1.nR Ns Clan Tag Name ( «~•nR[Rank][UserName™]Ns•~» Would Be Like «~•nR[F][Smarty™]Ns•~»  ) Is Necessary To Use For All nR Ns Members When You Are  Playing Online Game With Team Mates Or Whenever You Are Playing With Other Player Too.

Notice Period Of Leaving Clan Is Necessary So That We Will Able To Knew About The Leaving Status And  And Will Inform About Your Clan Leaving Status To Others Members Also.

There Is No Option That You Can Join Two Clans At A Same Time If Any Member Found And Caught By Doing This He Will Be Kicked At That Instant As This A Matter Of Cheating And Spying To Clan And It Will Not Accepted By Any Of This Mean

4.Members Have Option Of Two Times For Re-joining nR Ns Third Chance Won't Be Given To Any Members, Second Chance Would Be Given To Those Members Who Will Inform His Living Status Honestly.

5.Kicked Members Won't Be Able To Re-Join Again In nR Ns Ever.

6.Any nR Ns Member Cannot Use Any Rank Without The Prior Notification Of Founders,Leaders Or, Generals Of Clan As All The nR Ns Ranks Are Given According To Ranking System Witch Is Made According To Game Skills And New Members Of Clan Has To Strictly Follow That Ranking System.

Whenever Any New Member Recruited In Clan Its The Mere Responsibility Of That Member Who Recruited The New Member  As We Are Not Here For Recruiting Trainees Player And Provide Special Training To That New Member Who Doesn't Knew How To Handle To Mouse Even.So Whenever Members Are Recruiting Any New Member Please Be Sure That He Is Good Enough To Play As " Esquire Rank ".

Trainee Members Cannot Use Any Rank In Clan Unless He Is Able To Play Good Level Of Game, All Trainee Members Has To Use Trainees Rank "T" Until He Become Skilled Trainee.

nR Members Has To Help Other nR Mate Whenever Any nR  Member Is Playing In Team Game.

nR Members Shouldn't Use Any Foul And Bad Language With Other Players While Playing If Someone Found He Will Be Banned For Playing Under nR Tag ,If You Found Someone Is Trying To Irritate You With Foul Language Simply Block That Player And Report To Smarty , NaughtyBoY Or Old_School About Bad Language Behavior Of Any nR Player .So Always Try To Make Sure Play With Good Code Of Ethics And Behavior, Play Honestly In Game As Cheating And Bad Behavior Is Not Considered As The Good Sportsmen Ship.

11.No Recruitment In nR Without Registration In nR Website (

Never " KicK " If Some Lag Just Request That Person To Leave And Never Say " Noob " To Any GR Player Or Any nR Member If Anyone Found He Has To Face Wrath Of nR Rule.

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