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Main » 2012 » June » 3 » Swords Strategy -When You Are Making Swords
11:12 AM
Swords Strategy -When You Are Making Swords


If you are making swords, then always rush. Swords are for rushing only.  By this you’ll also get to know the unit your opponent is making. A pro player can take out about 15 swords in F11 – 3.00 and a normal does about 9 to 12. If you can’t make swords that fast, then it means you need more practice.


A)      Against Swords:

-          Rush him before he rushes you. Even with your first 3 swords and kill his citizens. This will definitely slow him down.

-           You can use ‘Ctrl+ Right click’ to go to his base so that your swords also kill his swords if they r coming from the way to kill u. Some players also set the gather point on the enemy base. It’s also a good idea.

-          If long game, you can also keep on making any other unit like Pikemen, Crossbows, Persian cavs, or Knights etc. and attack together with all.

-          Upgrade: 2 times Hit Points, 1 time speed & 2 times attack


B)       Against Cavalry Archers:

-          You must be rushing now too. During that rush, kill citizens and stop him from making towers. Don’t go for killing cavs, Kill citizens first.

-          In your swords civi, the best unit against cavs in combat is Vikings. But stay away from towers because towers kill them easily.

-          If he has made walls, you can make Barbarians as they can enter through trees and use them for killing citizens. They are also not bad against cavs and can be upgraded to more speed for killing cavs by following them.

-          Ballistas are the best against cavs. They can kill many of them together.

-          Siege towers are also good to be used against cavs. Make few Siege towers and increase their  HP, speed and arrow armor. When atacking enemy, send siege towers near to cavs or enemy towers and keep moving them around them. By this trick , his cavs and towers will keep on attaking your seige towers and not swords and you will get a chance to destroy them. (Siege towers can also be sent by inserting swords in them).

-          UPGRADE:  2 HP, 2 Speed, 1 attak….. or  2 HP, 1 Speed, 1 attak, 2 arrow armor


C)      Against Knights, Pikemen, Persian Cavalry etc:

Stop making swords because you can’t kill them easily. Better start making archers or cav archers instead.


 D)     Against archers:

  • Longbows: You can kill longbows easily. If you will rush him from the start, he can’t win. But if he gets time to build many and almost double then your swords, then you are in danger Almost same cavalry archers strategy can be applied to longbows also.
  • Crossbows: Crossbows are slow, costly, and they have a bad reloading time. But if your opponent gets time to build many crossbows, then it will be almost impossible to kill them with swords. Their 1 arrow can kill 1 sword Keep rushing your opponent from the start. Don’t let him make many Start making Cavalary Archers. They can kill crossbows easily. But it would be difficult to kill longbows with the-  Make ballistas.-  Load into siege towers and drop between crossbows. They get killed easily by swords like killing citizens.Increase speed of swords to 2x.
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