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Main » 2012 » June » 2 » Populating Bonuses Strategy
7:26 PM
Populating Bonuses Strategy
Populating Bonuses Provided by Omega
  • Populating a Settlement, Town Center, Capitol, or Granary will increase the amountof resources your citizens drop off. This has a net effect equal to that of an increase in gathered resources over the same period of time.The drop off building must be  within 2 tiles (the equivelant of 2 houses) of a gold, iron, or stone mine to To gain these bonuses for any particular ore. The following examples assume a 2 tile or less distance from ore to drop off building.
  •  Populating a Settlement with 5 citizens will turn that settlement into a Town Center. This will give you a bonus of 25%. (Tho in  practice it is more like 27%)
  • Populating a Town Center with an additional 10 citizens will turn that Town Center into a Capital. This will give you a bonus of 50% in relation to what you would get from a settlement. (Tho in practice it is more like 47%)
  • Populating a Capital with an additional 35 will give you a bonus of 100% in relation to  what you would get from a settlement.
  • Populating a Granary with 8 citizens will grant a 25% drop off bonus of food gathered.
  • Citizens added to buildings will no longer count as part of you population.
  • Citizens added to buildings can not be removed from those buildings.
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