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Main » 2012 » June » 3 » MultiPlayer Strategy 2 : 2 VS 2 (Rush and Hit ) Strategy
10:59 AM
MultiPlayer Strategy 2 : 2 VS 2 (Rush and Hit ) Strategy
VSHi All,

This is 2 vs 2 Attacking game strategies for middle game play.

In 2 vs 2 game play both the players should be having attacking game play  if u want to win game in 2 vs 2 set.

as we need to divert attentions of both the players so that both are not able to do any  boom in game.

if we give them time they than you cannot win that game as once they boom their economy than chances to win the game will be less and than u need to change your strategy and you have to adopt Counter attack strategies for winning depends on the opponent unit.

Now exactly what you have to do in 2 vs 2 game.

In 2 vs 2 Game Play there are some possibilities which you all has to be aware:

1)Either your Mate Start Attacks in enemy base in f11 3 and you keep busy in booming your Economy for f11 10 Attack.
2)Either you both can do Attack in enemy base in f11 3 with both should having counter anti Units(i.e Sword + Cavalry Archer) or both should do attack with Same Units ( Swords + Swords )
3)Either Enemy first player can do attack on you before f11 3 or in same f11 3 or f11 4 Time attack.
4)Either both the enemy player can do attack on your each player in f11 3 or f11 4.

Note :
Attack first Rule is You have to attack at enemy Base in f11 2.00, 3:00 or F11 4.00. If ur late in this then you need to change your unit strategy or you have to adopt Economy boom strategy for continues attack on enemy  for distracting the enemy economy and enemy strategies.

1) Now if you want to win a 2 vs 2 Game you should be very fast. Your Barracks or archery base should be up in F11 00:40 seconds and you must have at least 6 swords in f11 2:00 or 15 swords in  F11 3:00  with 6 citizen in each gold mines or iron mines , 6 citizen for food  forging and rest for wood. For good attacking your micro management should be very fast. Do use of hot keys as much as possible for every units.

2) Most important thing, if you are able to get only 3 swords in F11 01.50 or F11 2:00/50 than simply attack into enemy base with that swords and only kill citizens, only those who are working in Food forging and iron mines and keep attacking and attacking, just rush into enemy base with every interval till all citizens are killed and enemy can't be able to boom or make any sword, thats the master key if you want to win in 2 vs 2.

3) First thing always keep in mind if you want to win in 2 X 2 you both players have to work like real team mates and have to attack in f11 2 to first enemy base and 2nd Player should have to adopt same strategy  and has to attacked to other 2nd enemy base with his swords or cavalry  to the settlements or food forging patch for killing citizens only to lower down the enemy economy so that enemy can't boom. Then attack continuously and distract both the enemies so that they are not able to boom their economy till all citizens are killed in both the enemies base.

4) For continues attack in enemy base make unit of 3-4 swords for this increase your barracks and try to make 3-4 unit of swords and than make tab-box hot-keys of those 3-4 swords units as 1,2,3, your tab box and than do multiple attacks
from every side  so that enemy get distracted and not able to concentrate in one strong attack.

5) For multiple sides Attack use either SHIFT  +  1ST SWORD UNIT or CTRL + 2ND SWORD UNIT and point  all those units to desired side of enemy base.

6) Always first kill food citizens than  try to kill iron or Gold citizens but usually gold and iron mines has tower protection so it might gone kill your swords very easily ,if it has tower protection than leave it kill citizens who are working in wood. Food citizens are key citizens who are responsible big boom economy and they are the backbone for any enemy base and in last destroy the Barracks and archery ranges so that enemy unit can't able to make any more unit.



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