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Main » 2012 » June » 3 » Game Start Strategy For Cavalry Archer -The 3 Tower Start + Town Center
9:40 AM
Game Start Strategy For Cavalry Archer -The 3 Tower Start + Town Center

(1) As soon as the map open's, Look at your map and aim for a gold + big wood spot.
(2) Click all 20 citizens to the gold and use 'N' for settlement, now hold shift and right click on wood.
-------------- This way all citizens will help to make the settlement, and as soon as they are done go on wood ------
(3) Now make with 4 citizens 2 archery ranges
(4) Meanwhile also make with 9 citizens 3 towers spread out over you're spot (3x3)
(5) Make a hotkey from the ranges and push C contiously
(6) push 'H' for Capitol and waypoint (make) 6 citizens to forrage patch.
(7) Go over to your gold spot and get 5 citizens from wood intoo the gold settlement.
---------------- Now you should be on f11 3/4 with: Citizens on wood, 6 citizens on gold, 3 towers, 6 citizens on forrage, 2 ranges and 1 town center ----------------
(8) Make from the rest food you got citizens to wood from the Town center and Capitol ( hotkey them )
(9) (REMEMBER KEEP MAKING CAVS!) Get 3 houses near the Town Center soon as you got enough wood.
(10) Keep the enemy busy at all times, Doesn't matter if it's just with 2 cavs. Just keep him running and dont get hit.
(11) As soon as you have 300 wood make with 8 wood citizens a farm in tower and houses range.
(12) Keep making cavs, and Citizens from capitol + TC
(13) As you see your opponent makes longbows, Or also cavarly archers; Make some balistas! ( make sure to upgrade range and as the game goes on attack and area damage.
(14) Keep making citizens and ranges trough out the whole game. A good player never stops booming ( Expanding eco )

I hope you all learned something today! Go practice! Also, This are the upgrades you want to have on cavs:

(+2x Attack +2x Range +1x speed


Good luck on training,

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