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Main » 2012 » June » 3 » Five Keys to Winning in Empire Earth Five Keys to Winning in Empire Earth
11:40 AM
Five Keys to Winning in Empire Earth Five Keys to Winning in Empire Earth

1. Attack! Attack! Attack!

Most people never attack soon enough which is a hindrance to you and your team. The more aggressive you are, the better chances you are at winning

2. Play Defensively as well as offensively.

Use every defensive method you can think of. Use towers, walls, houses and even your buildings for making your base economy free. One thing that you should be aware of is your base formation. Don't make everything so close together. This could hinder microing later on. Make your base like a sive, so you can "weave" the enemy out.

3. Keep popped at all times.

Never stop making citizens or units. Make sure to be at the very peak of your popping point at all times. Use fortresses for storing up some units for later on, pop some settlements to be town centers. Do anything it takes to be on top of everyone's economy.

4. Counter units.

One of the great things about Empire Earth is the large variety of units and their upgrades. Many people will just mass units because it wins that game easily. This can be a hindrance to yourself if another player has your counter. Using the right type of units can win you almost any battle.

5. Micromanagement.

This is probably the most important point. If you can learn how to micro well, you will be the victor in most games. Microing not only takes speed, but a patient player. Don't just run into your enemies hands, make him chase you, lead him where you want him to be. I encourage those with a low PS to get to know your hotkeys well. It would be a great advantage
for you. Speed wins the game.

Civilization Editorial

Make a Balanced Civilization........!!

Making a civ can be fun. A great civ will take time and thought to make. Don't jump into your civ editor and start clicking away. Think about the people you're going to be playing against and what they may have in their civ that you can counter. Make sure the proper units have the proper upgrades so no matter what comes your way, your ready to take them on.Keep in mind of the settings you will be playing.If you're going to be playing a Tournament Low (TL) game, you will want to use
"Cost Reduction (CR)" as a unit upgrade. Also, settings like Pre2space, you don?t start off with farms but forages and hunting and the gather rate is a little slower. Here you should use "Hunting and Foraging" for the economy and use "Speed" for an upgrade for the citizens. In space you don't need citizens for working on farms so picking "Farming" as an
economy Just make sure you know what will help you in anysett.

Keep Your Civilizations Organized.

The faster you can find and pick your civ, the fast you can start playing. I tend to label my civs according to the settings I play and the upgrades or powers there might be in them. Also, it might be a good idea to label your civ names as either "wing" or "pocket." Here is an example of you could use for a civ name: "Mid=Sword." Just fool around and find the right type of technique you could use that makes it easier for you to find or understand what the civ contains.

Three Types of Game play.

Rushing -

Rushing is all out speed. If your not going to get units out by f11 2, then don't rush at all. The faster you can get the enemy down, the closer to victory you are. Waypoint citizens to forage, send citizens to the closest mines, and make barracks for the type of unit you will be rushing with. Upgrade your units as fast as you can.

Sliding -

Sliding is a form of rushing/booming. In a slide, you use the same strat for rushing but you also keep in mind that you will be booming afterward. Keep pumping men out as well as citizens. Make as many farms as you can and barracks. Never stop pumping citizens and units out. A slide can be just as effective as a hardcore boom.

Booming(blooming) -

Most people think that booming is noob and easy, but it takes a true player to know that booming is not all about making 100+ farms. A boom is not meant to be a city builder. The point of a boom is to be above your enemy in your economy. With this enormous economy, you are able to expand and to pump units out without hindering your economy. If you are above 800 resources in your "boom", then you are not booming. Spend everything you got. It's a win, win situation. More you spend, the more you get in return. A hard boom in Standard High (SH) is to send all 20 citizens to wood and waypoint cits to forage. By getting to much wood to start out with, a player is able to make more farms thus making more food.

Below is a Gren Training Video Shown by my favorite player in GR " Crimson" for demonstrating fast unit control and Eco Control watch it guyz....


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