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Main » 2012 » June » 3 » Defence Strategy 2: How To Defend Your Base From Sword Rush
11:45 AM
Defence Strategy 2: How To Defend Your Base From Sword Rush
There are many ways to sword rush, here is a great strat that an average player should start out with.
Remember there is no Expansionism.

1. Waypoint cits to forage
2. Pick Civilization
3. Send a group of 6 to an iron mine. Make a settlement.
4. Send another group of 6 to another iron mine. Make a settlement.
5. Send 5 to wood.
6. Make 3 barracks with each of the 1 cit(s) left.

7. After the 3 citizens are done making barracks, make towers around your iron mines. Do not be afraid to make a wall as well.

8. As soon as the barracks are complete, send swords to an enemy mine. Do not just way point your swords right into his base because he may have towers up already. Do not let your swords be picked off by towers if you can help it. If your wing happens to be knights, move to another opponent.
9. If eco-raping allot, citizens will automatically come out of the Town Center (TC)because of Slavery. Keep your Town Center way pointed on wood at all times.
10. The citizens that are idle near your towers, send to hunt along with 2 other cits.

11. Seeing that this civ is a slide, you're going to be working on your economy as well as your army. As soon as you have enough wood make a farm. Make as many farms as you can.

12. Pop your settlements near your mines as soon as you can.

13. Once your economy is thriving, work on gold for siege.

14. Make as many barracks as you can.
Follow a pattern:
Farm, 2 barracks, Farm, 2 barracks.
The same strategy will apply for an infantry ranged rush.

Summary of Swords Swords can be a fun unit to use. Make sure to practice different starts on your own and not in the game. Make sure to micro with them and play with your team.

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