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Main » 2012 » June » 2 » Citizens Building Rate
8:22 PM
Citizens Building Rate

Your playing a game of EE and after fierce battling, a enemy manages to get to your troop buildings, as he starts burning down your barracks, stables, and Artillary Depot. You know he's going to be coming for main base soon. You have to get up some barracks, and you need them FAST.

So whats the best way to build what you need quickly? Add villagers to it. However, theres a point where adding villagers simply wastes time, as their only making the building go about 2-4 percent faster then a few less villagers. So, what are these limits? What is the efficent number of villagers to build something? Its all explained in the following Table.

Villagers Building Time Barracks Tower
1 Villager Default Building Time 45s 160s
2 Villagers 75% Building Time 34s 120s
3 Villagers 62.5% Building Time 28s 100s
4 Villagers 48.9% Building Time 28s 75s

Beyond 4 villagers, you get rapidly dimishing returns. Five villagers building a tower for instance will only complete it 5 seconds faster then 4.


If you need something really fast, assign no more then four villagers. Two Villagers will give you a decent speed boost, While Three Villagers isn't that much faster then two.

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